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6 Months Nutrition Transformation Program

During this program, you will get my undivided attention!  It’s just you and me babe!  And that means that this program is highly personalized to meet your needs and is tailored just for you!  Together we will work through the following steps, concentrating on what you need:

Step 1: Make your Commitment: Choosing to make small, lasting changes to better your health.

Improvement is only possible when we develop new habits. Without a goal, there is nothing to work towards, and without commitment to your goal, you will have a lot of difficulty achieving it. In your first step, you will focus your intentions so you know why you are choosing to make these lifestyle changes.  Together, we will design a clear vision and strong commitment to reach your goals.  By creating goals, and committing to them, you will have a greater focus on your journey.  Your commitment will help you understand why you are making changes in your life and will keep you on course when times get tough.

Step 2:  Know what you’re up against:

We will uncover why your body craves certain foods. You will understand that your body is hardwired to crave certain things like fat, sugar, and salt, and how to work with those cravings.  You will also see the power and influence of mass media and advertising and how to wade through their false advertising.  You will gain the knowledge to be able to sift through marketing and advertising to know what is really healthy for you.

Step 3:  Identify and deconstruct cravings:

We will look at different reasons we crave certain foods so you understand why you crave the foods you do.  We will then explore together what to do to help you reduce your cravings.  You will be equipped with information and knowledge about cravings that will diminish your cravings, and be free to eat healthy, nutritious food that feeds your body and soul.

Step 4:  Examining why you eat: Are you hungry, angry, depressed, anxious, excited, stressed?

You will learn how to know why you are eating.  You will learn how to eat when you are hungry, and handle your emotions in other ways other than eating.  You will finally stop emotional eating and get to the root cause of your emotions through Primary Foods.  You will learn why restricting calories can hinder weight loss, and can actually make it more difficult to loose weight.

Step 5:  What food is made of: Macronutrients and hormones

You will start to see food differently, and understand what food your body needs to fuel the fire that is your metabolism.  You will understand how food affects your hormones and what foods to eat to give you energy and to stabilize your hormones.  Every person is different, and we work together as a team to discover what works best for you!  After Step 5, you won’t be afraid to eat fat! (It’s good for you, I swear!)  You will know what carbohydrates to eat that will give you lasting and sustainable energy, and you will know what foods to choose to stabilize your energy.

Step 6:  Making healthy food choices: no rules, just make good choices, and eat eartily

I’m not going to give you a strict set of rules, portions, or a list of restricted foods.  In Step 7, I will give you healthy guidelines to live by, not a strict set of rules that you must follow.  You will know how foods affect your body, and know how making good choices that are going to benefit you and give you lasting energy, mental clarity, and lasting changes.

Step 7:  Make cooking easy: Recipe and cooking resources

I will help you build a resource and knowledge of cooking and recipes.  You will feel confident when meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking.  I will also share with you strategies for being more efficient in the kitchen, so you can save time while eating healthy.

Step 9: Stress Management: It’s not about the food

You can have the perfect diet and exercise routine in place, however if you are completely stressed out, you won’t see the results you were expecting. (It’s like spinning your tires…it wastes a lot of energy without going anywhere) Believe me, I know because I have been there!!!!  Together we will work to see what areas of your life are causing you stress.  Together, we will work on stress relieving techniques to help you handle stress, or reduce stress in your life.

By working with me one-on-one, you will receive the following:

#1.  Twelve 50-minute private sessions.

#2.  1-2 relevant and doable suggestions for you to implement immediately.

#3.  Email access between private sessions.

#4.  Handouts and resources that will support you on your journey.

#5.  A trusted person to hold you accountable on your journey.

Does the 6 Months Nutrition Transformation Program program sound right for you?  Click here to contact me about scheduling a complementary private session!